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First class service with the  highest standard of quality

The best beauty salon experience to free the goddess within

We are committed to providing a first class service with the highest standard of quality. We aim to help our valued clients embrace there inner and outter beauty and empower them to free the goddess with inn. We will keep up with quality innovation in order to provide you with the most excellent service. 

Our Services

Lash Lift & Tint

Enhance your natural lashes in the most elegant way. Lash Lifts and tints, lift your natural lashes allowing them to look longer and darker. It is an easy process to help make your eyes stand out! The process takes around 45 minutes

Duration Varies · $75

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Lash extensions is when one extension is placed to one natural lash, a thicker lash is applied to the natural lash to show more definition to your natural lash.

New Set: $140.00     Fills: $80.00

Hybrid - Volume & Mega Volume

Wanting a little more fullness? Volume and Mega Volume is a perfect mix to add a little pizzaz to your lash look!

New Set: $205.00     Fills: $135.00

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume Lash extensions is when several lashes can be placed to one natural lash. When applied multiple thin lashes can create a fan like style and be applied safely onto your lash, for a fuller look.

New Set: $195.00      Fills: $120.00

Hybrid - Classic & Volume

A beautiful mixture of Classic and Volume lashes, this type of lashes is great when you want to transition to Volume, but you just aren't sure you want all that fullness yet!

New Set: $175.00      Fills: $110.00

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega Volume lashes take your lash extensions to a hole new level most dramatic of them all with the full dark black eyeliner effect. Ready to be BOLD and BEAUTIFUL

New Set: $225.00      Fills: $150.00


I'd like to start by saying I've been to a few different ladies due to scheduling and who can work particular evenings. They have all been very kind, and welcoming, and do great work. I have yet to leave and not be happy with the product.


Last night, I had an appointment with Judy - I was about a week overdue for my appointment, and with lash shedding season, I didn't have a whole lot of lashes left. She was so friendly, was very thorough in explaining what she was doing, and went through the different lengths, sizes, etc. for the different types of fill options. She was prepared with the barrier cream and reviewed my previous appointments to ensure I left happy. I did leave happy and with a beautiful set of new lashes.

The environment is a very welcoming and calm space. I always feel good when I am there.


So overall, great job to you ladies!

 - Melissa

Client Love

Did you know we are so much more than lashes?

At Lash Lounge, our goal is to provide you with high-quality, personalized services that leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Henna Brow

Henna Brow is a natural product that tints your brow hair as well as leaving a tint on your skin to shape and define your brow. Giving you an already finished make-up look without having anything!

Duration Varies · $65.00

Body Hair Removal

We do waxing hair removal all body parts from top to bottom, pricing varies. Call for pricing inquires and to book your appointment today!!

Duration Varies · Prices starting at $15.00+ up to $80.00

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